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Tuesday, 03 May, 2011

Album Release & Other Stuff

Album Release & Other Stuff

Hi all and thanks for taking the time to visit us in our small corner of the web, It's our pleasure to announce that the new Z&P album 'Somewhere in the City' is now available (see front page for purchase details) and we're extremely pleased with the results! We hope all of you who purchase the album enjoy it as much as we enjoyed creating it! And if you do like what you hear please tell your family/friends etc,It means a lot to us because we are completely independent and free of what is usually a record company-funded PR juggernaut to accompany a new release like our own. Thank you again.

As Steve Stills once sang "So begins the task" we are now gaining the momentum of spreading the Z&P gospel to as many new listeners as we can. With a bit of luck, We'll be posting up some (hopefully favourable) reviews of the album in the coming weeks right here, So keep checking in for those. Last night (02/05/11) we performed a live 3-piece acoustic session/interview for 'The Evening Show' on BBC radio Wales debuting 4 of the brand new songs from the new album, Tracks played were 'Underling', 'Running Solo', 'It's a Sleepless Night' and the title track 'Somewhere in the City'. The session will be availble to listen to online for another week from the above date and you can fast forward to us by starting at 27 minutes in, Here's the linkhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/console/b010gd91  Enjoy!

Another Z&P forthcoming live show that's not to be missed is our gig supporting L.A's harmonic-folk siblings 'The Chapin Sisters' at '10 Feet Tall' in Cardiff on the 15th of June which is part of their UK tour this spring.This is set to be an awesome night of laid back California folk pop in one of Cardiff's most intimate venues! Fans of Z&P will no doubt love their music! You can check them out here http://www.thechapinsisters.com/
Tickets are on sale now and you can purchase them via this link http://www.wegottickets.com/event/116220
We hope to see you there!

Z&P have also had the pleasure this month of providing some harmony backing vocals on several tracks to the forthcoming solo album by Christiaan Webb ('The Webb Brothers'). One of our favourite groups of the 'noughties' the Webb Brothers (Sons of legendary Singer/Songwriter Jimmy Webb BTW) made some awesome California power-pop albums over the last 10 years and have been an on-going influence on Z&P's music, So getting to add our touch to his incredible songs on the forthcoming album has been a real high point for us this year! Recorded in Cardiff by top-producer/engineer Charlie Francis (Who subsequently recorded remixed our 2nd EP) and featuring musician guests such as members of 'The Magic Numbers' Christiaan's album looks set to be a classic and we're more than proud to have played a part in it. Thank you Christiaan & Charlie!
You can find the more on 'The Webb Brothers' here http://www.myspace.com/thewebbbrothersmusic#!/thewebbbrothersmusic/music
On a slightly different different note, We have already been asked by several Z&P 'followers' about the inspiration behind one of the songs off our new album 'The Ballad of 'Shotgun' John Collins' and as to whether this somewhat-epic tale of a Wild west Gunslinger was based on a real person. Well, for all who'd like know, Yes, 'Shotgun' was certainly amongst the legendary Outlaws of the Old West.The song is loosely based on the various events we've read about him And we loved the fact that there is so little info to found on someone who clearly seemed to be in legendary company (Wyatt Earp/ Billy the Kid etc) and is said to have been present in some of those classic shoot-outs and legendary moments in Wild West history.This of course allowed us to use a good dose of poetic-license when writing the song (His battle with Geronimo etc) and more info on 'Shotgun' can be found herehttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shotgun_John_Collins (Again, How factual this is, we're unsure) but a cracking read about an incredible gunslinger nonetheless! 

Anyways more news coming soon and thanks again for dropping by!

Oh and if in the meantime if you've already purchased or about to purchase our album 'Somewhere in the City' via iTunes we kindly ask if you could please rate or review it just so we can gain some feedback on as to how it's going, 'Every little helps' as they and thank you very much :) Have a great spring!

Paul & Kathy